The seduction of color is my main drive to paint. Color requires a mesure, a space that contains it. My painting search is about finding that mesure and that space.
In a very intuitive manner I summerge myself in this language, I observe and let myself be driven. I am what I paint, I paint what I am.
Water,earth,air,fire,night and day,density, lightness….

My experience defines my worK and painting is an experience in itself as well.
The interaction with the viewer is established through the senses, since it is from this place that I create my art pieces.

Fotografia Artista Maria Sola

I started my painting studies at Massana School of art in Barcelona from 1995 to 1999.
Eager to see what was being done in other schools, I enrolled in different art residences through out Europe for four to six months stays: Enschede in Holland, Strasbourg and Marseille in France.

During the fiveteen years in this profession I have done various solo as well as group shows,mainly in Barcelona.Also during this time I have completed multiple comissions for several companies and private clients.

Maria Sola & Mercedes-Benz
Maria Sola in Instagram